Door Warehouse for stylish door hardware that is functional

External and internal door handles, deadbolts, hinges and locks are all on site for you to complete the look once you have picked the perfect door for your home.

We supply Gainsborough hardware which is durable yet stylish. We have a vibrant new collection of Gainsborough products to suit your needs.

Gainsborough’s stylish Entry Sets feature durable construction and will add elegance to any doorway.  Door Warehouse has Perth door hardware supplies .

Entry Sets that can be keyed to other Gainsborough locks for same key convenience.

Locks, deadbolts, handles and hinges

Perth suppliers of Gainsborough door hardware, Door Warehouse

Select Gainsborough hardware products to match your doors.

Gainsborough has released a vibrant new brand direction, with a series of new products and packaging, designed to assist consumers in the selection of door hardware for their renovation projects and invite a little style into their home.

Reinforcing our position as the leaders in door hardware, the new brand direction and packaging is designed with clearly defined styling themes for its product ranges, using a new grouping system – the Gainsborough G Series.

Categorising Gainsborough’s range into distinct styles and products, the G Series is grouped and packaged into specific categories from G4 to G1, to make it even easier for homeowners to search for door hardware, as each series offers a full product solution for your home.

This new simplified product structure makes it easier than ever for homeowners like you to choose which range best suits their style, by utilising the brand new, eye catching packaging.

Through using a simple and easy to understand hierarchy, each packaged Gainsborough product features a range indicator on the back to help guide homeowners through their selection of door hardware for the home.

You can  choose from an array of door hardware for impressive and secure timber doors.

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