Door Warehouse has an impressive range of hand-crafted timber doors to suit your individual design and style

Door Warehouse has an impressive range of handcrafted timber doors to suit your style.

At Door Warehouse we pride ourselves on supplying only the best quality solid timber doors for our customers. A door is the first thing guests see when visiting so choose from our selection of solid timber doors to make a statement for the ages.

From solid timber to stained glass, our collection has the right door for you. We sell singular doors and doors with matching side panels to suit all homes.

Browse some of our collection here or drop into the showroom today.

Browse our collection here or drop into the showroom in Kwinana, south of Perth to view our entire range, along with associated door hardware.

Part of the timber door display at the Door Warehouse showroom

Timber doors showroom display at Door Warehouse

View some of the doors available below. Click on the images to expand them. Many more choices to be seen in the showroom display.

Timber door construction diagram from Door Warehouse Perth

Here is some detail about Door Warehouse doors:

Made from external grade timbers, the doors are perfectly constructed from the joints to the beads, no veneers, no hidden chipboard, just solid timber.

Other Door Types: The majority of doors on the market from other supplier fall into one of the following categories.

Solid Construction, Solidcore or solid, made up of either;

MDF, Medium Density Fibreboard (sawdust glued and compacted together) these doors may or may not be veneered and have a tendency to swell or peel.

Engineered Timber Doors. These doors are constructed from little blocks of timber being laminated together. A timber veneer is then glued on so as to hide the laminated timber underneath.

Any of the above mentioned doors will do the job at first, the question is how long will the doors last until the veneer starts peeling or the door starts to swell, twist or warp.

External Grade Solid Timber Doors cannot peel, as there is no veneer and can’t swell up like MDF for Chipboard. Compare the difference, Solid Timber or Solid Sawdust. Look at the quality and never shop by a catalogue or brochure.